About New England Subsurface Imaging

About New England Subsurface Imaging

New England Subsurface Imaging, LLC was founded in 2008 in Connecticut, to provide underground utility locating, concrete imaging & scanning services, and ground penetrating radar surveys to clients in the New England area.




New England Subsurface Imaging has been regarded as a company offering invaluable professional services by clients needing comprehensive information of subsurface utilities and structures. We pride ourselves in our thorough understanding of subsurface utility systems and the use of geophysical surveying equipment, and a drive for excellence and quality that exceeds our clients expectations. We provide cost effective solutions for your underground locating needs, and are capable of taking on projects of any size. Our technicians are field trained and manufacturer certified on all equipment used, and have attended Staking University for an advanced knowledge of electromagnetic locating systems, and complex locate scenarios.


When you need the job done right,
we’re here to help.

We specialize in locating underground utilities, and objects embedded within concrete structures so that clients can dig, cut, core,  plan safely,  prepare accurate site drawings, and gain peace of mind on the job site.